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Commission info:
I draw:
My OC, fanart for some anime (please, ask me to be shure, that i like your fandom.), games, serials (Game of Thrones, Vikings, Breaking Bad and so on)
I do not draw:
Yaoi, yuri, hentai, any kind of porn, mecha, MLP, winx, witch. 
There can be some exclusions, so ask me if you want it.
I open those commissions for the first time. Pleace, excuse me if I won’t understand something.
About the time:
I can draw something per one day, or even a few weeks. It is all about impression.
Paying - PayPal, Yandex Money, WebMoney.
What shoud you do to order?
1. Write to me.
2. If you can, describe pose and the background.
3. Send me examples or your sketch.
From 1$ to 30$. It depends on what you want, amount of characters, background and so on.